An act of kindness

To the Editor:

On the afternoon of June 20, 2016, I was painting a section on my dock when I dislocated my left hip (I had hip replacement on May 4, 2016) and fell into the water which was about chest deep.

I worked my way into more shallow water and began calling for help. Eventually, I?heard voices on the water and saw pontoon boat slowly working its way in my direction. My calls for help were heard and soon the occupants were able to see me and immediately headed toward my dock and tied up.

A man jumped into the water and came to my aid. That man was Doug Timmons, a candidate for sheriff in Hamilton County. He supported me and calmed as others in the party called 911. The Clear Lake Emergency Crew arrived on the scene and there was discussion as to how to get me out of the water and carry me up a steep set of stairs.

They concluded that the best thing to do was to call for the Clear Lake rescue boat. When the boat arrived, Doug and the others got me into a basket and on board and I was eventually transported to the hospital in Mason City.

If Doug and his family, including his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Timmons of Webster City, had not arrived when they did and come to my aid, the outcome for me could have been much worse. ?

In addition, Doug finished painting the sections of dock, cleaned up the paint brush and placed the paint can and brush in my garage.

Such acts of kindness and compassion towards a total stranger speaks to the outstanding character of Doug Timmons. If I could vote for sheriff in the upcoming general election in Hamilton County Doug Timmons would surely be my choice.

Charles J. Walker

Clear Lake