WC school board approves some policy language changes

The full Webster City Community School Board met Monday and approved the final reading for the Board Policy Series 100.

Under Educational Philosophy of the policy, the board removed the language “within the limitation of the school district’s ability” and replaced it with “In cooperation with parents and the school district community, the district will furnish financial support to provide students with healthy social, intellectual, emotional, and physical self-concept that provides guidance.”

Under the Equal Educational Opportunities policy, the board changed the language to read: “The District and Board will not discriminate in the education process and/or activities on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, disability, religion, creed, age (except from permitting/prohibiting students from certain activities) marital status, or genetic information …”

The board also made changes to 504 student parental rights; long-term needs assessment and, in establishing grievance procedures, made an amendment requiring parental notification for students under 18 accused of harassment or bullying.

Tony Bussan went before the board and offered a letter of thanks outlining Jess Howard’s participation and help with Lynx cross country meet. Bussan thanked the board for the excellent hire of Howard.

Discussion arose that the Iowa Association of School Boards wanted someone to participate in a phone conference this week to discuss removal of the Iowa Board from the Nattional School Board Association.

Beth Van Diest planned to participate in the conference call.

The school board approved the following:

The Iowa Department of Human Services Mentoring Program contract providing counseling funds for students going from Sunset, advancing from fourth to fifth grade;

Adopted the change of Megan Kostka-Dietz’s job from half time to full time. Her original role was to serve students a half day at Pleasant View and a half day at Northeast Hamilton. Instead, she will serve students at the high school in the morning and NEH in the afternoon. Additionally, she will provide lesson plans to the paraeducator at Pleasant View who will serve English language students at that school;

Interfund Transfer for Protective Equipment for the 2022-23 school year in the amount of $8,040.65.

The school board also accepted monetary gifts of $7,500 for the athletic department from Webster City Sports Boosters and $2,500 from Webster City Financial Bank for the sound system at the athletic field.

It also approved fundraising requests for Webster City cheerleading to host October Fall and January Winter Youth Cheerleading Camps.

The board approved the appointments of Carol Quint, middle school special education teacher; and Brittney Gibson, Mighty Trojan Child Care director

It also approved lane changes, which occur when teachers earn credits for coursework resulting in movement on the salary schedule. Those teachers are Ben Baker, Rachel Chamberlin, Cathy Dingman, Lynn Ehrenberg, Tyler McCubbin, Ashley Price, and Emily Pruismann.


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