Sewing guild to discuss machine feet usage

Most sewing machines come with an assortment of specialized feet designed to make sewing easier, and often more accurate. For example, there is a jeans foot that allows you to glide over bulky seams, a blind hem foot that gives you a professional finish in minutes, and an edge stitch foot that gives your sewing that ready-to-wear look.

A?program bout these specialized sewing machine feet and attachments with sewing expert Sheri Hughes will be presented at the next meeting of the Central Iowa Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. Hughes holds a B.S. degree in Textiles and Clothing from Iowa State University. She has been sewing and quilting for over 50 years, and has experimented with a variety of feet from various sewing machine brands, as well as antique sewing machines. Hughes and other members of the Guild will also demonstrate some of their favorites.

This event will be held on Saturday at 9 a.m. at Trinity United Methodist Church, 102 Lynwood Drive, Huxley. There will also be a “free table” including fabrics and patterns. Refreshments will be served.

Cost is $2 at the door. Call (708)732-5937 for more information.

The American Sewing Guild (ASG) is a national organization that promotes sewing as a creative art and life skill. It welcomes sewists of all skill levels and backgrounds. Members meet to learn new techniques, network with others who share a passion for fashion and sewing, and participate in community service projects.