Spring Queen

WEBSTER CITY – Hannah Harfst, please go take a nap. If anyone deserves a few extra minutes of shut eye, it’s you.

The Webster City senior is taking the term multitasking to the extreme this spring as she awaits her release from high school next month.

Senioritis? Nope. Not Harfst.

The miserable weather conditions on Monday – it was cold, windy and wet – closed up shop on most of the sporting events across the state, but as 5 p.m. hit Harfst was just getting started.

She’d already spent hours at school, where she takes advanced classes Composition II, Advanced Psychology and Public Speaking on top of her normal studies. After the final bell she headed to track practice.

For most teens, that would be plenty. More than plenty, actually.

Instead of going home and crashing, Harfst ventured out to the Webster City Links to work on her golf game in preparation for a Tuesday afternoon meet.

Oh, but wait, there’s more.

Following a round of golf, Harfst had to get ready for three hours of practice at Dance Connection; competing in dance is something she’s done for as long as she can remember.

School, two spring sports and a passion for dance that consumes 16 hours of practice time each week. And now you know why Harfst may be in need of that nap.

“I wouldn’t advise kids to do it. It’s got to be a special kind of kid to make it work,” WCHS girls’ track coach Kristy Manson said of the two-sport-in-one-season feat that Harfst has so far pulled off flawlessly. “But Hannah’s very dedicated in what she does and she likes to do everything well. She’s a very busy girl right now, but at the same time she’s a very good student.”

Harfst enjoys all three activities and choosing one or two simply didn’t appeal to her. Do all three? Why not?

“This year I really didn’t know what to do because I liked both (track and golf),” Harfst said. “I was out for track and the golf coach (Catherine Schroeder) texted me and asked if I wanted to play in the first meet. So I texted (Manson) and asked if it was OK to golf and she said that was fine. So far it’s worked out.”

Harfst didn’t start golfing until two years ago. An ankle injury last spring forced her to give up track, but now fully healed she’s back to sprinting and helping the Lynx girls’ squad in various relays.

She ran the second leg on the team’s gold-medal winning 4×200-meter relay at last week’s Lynx Invitational and it came just two days after she shot a 49 to lead the WCHS girls’ golf team at a North Central Conference triangular in Clarion.

“She’s one of those kids that whatever she has to do she’ll get it done and that comes from the parents and the work ethic that they’ve instilled,” Schroeder said. “I don’t know how she’s doing it. I couldn’t do half the things she does just because there’s not enough time in the day.”

On non competition days, Harfst practices with the track team and then works on her golf game on her own. Yes, even in downright nasty weather conditions like yesterday, Harfst puts on the spikes and rain gear and puts in the time at the course.

“Days I don’t have (track) meets I go and practice (golf),” she said. “I need the practice, believe me.

“The positive is that I get to do two things that I love to do and I get to be around fun people. And I’ve been doing dance my whole life and I love that.”

Harfst admits that finding time to study can sometimes be a problem, particularly during this crazy time of the year with finals time fast approaching, but somehow she makes it all work.

“My mom (Becky) thinks I’m crazy,” she said. “But if I have something like a paper due on a Wednesday, I’ll make sure to set some time aside on Tuesday to get it done.”

So far it’s worked out where she hasn’t really had to choose between track and golf meets. But that will change on Monday, May 12 when the NCC golf and track meets will both take place.

Or will it?

Have no fear. Dad, Kent Harfst, to the rescue.

“For conference, I’m going to try to do both,” Hannah said. “My dad’s a pretty good guy to skip out of work for that … I’m going to play golf in Iowa Falls and then he’s going to drive me to Clear Lake so I can get to the (track meet) as fast as I can.”

The only drawback – dance practice will have to wait.

It’s doubtful her dance instructors will mind.