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J&J owner sets record straight

December 10, 2012
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the Editor:

In regards to J&J Hobbies: It has been brought to my attention at the recent hotel motel tax board some individuals have been spreading rumors about my wife and I. Seems people think we took advantage of the money we were awarded from the city last year and we didnt show up to the meeting to present our presentation.

Well, that is false. We did not show up to the meeting because we did not use the money we received. We gave it back considering we had a really good turn out with our rc car racing. So we felt it was the right thing to do -to return it and not to take advantage of it.

We made the proper phone call to ask what we needed to do and were told if we paid the $91 we used we did not need to come to the meeting. Then after the meeting we were accused of ripping off the city by some individuals who had no clue of what was going on. There is also a rumor J&J Hobbies went bankrupt. Well, guess what? You're wrong again. We decided to close the store due to slow sales. My wife had the chance to get her old job back and get health insurance and it was cheaper to close the doors and make the payment to the bank. Anyone with any business sense could figure that one out.

So I say this to all who like to spread senseless rumors: Do this town a favor and move away or just keep to yourselves. Maybe just maybe this town would be a little better without it.

I also say to our city leaders - instead of letting rumors spread, tell the truth and get it out promptly so rumors do not start. Thank you for your time

Jason Vansickel,

Owner of J&J Hobbies

Webster City



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