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Just a simple coat of paint


December 3, 2012
Billie Shelton ( , The Daily Freeman Journal

I'm not sure there's anything that improves a room or a building more than a simple coat of paint. Just think, for not too much cash, some of your time, and a little elbow grease, a room can be brightened, freshened, and redecorated. All that with a can of paint.

My bedroom received attention in the form of a coat of paint on Saturday. It looks a lot different, and I like it. Now I just have to get used to it.

While I have painted many a wall in several houses all by myself, an old friend came to help me this time. Maybe it's more accurate to say that I helped while she master-minded the project. That's just fine with me, and much more fun, too.

Before I got married, I always lived in apartments, so I had never painted anything. But I have been painting rooms in several houses ever since. I've also wallpapered (thanks, Mom) and put up wallpaper borders when they were popular. Painting is easier than both of those.

When stenciling on walls was popular, I really got into that. That's done with paint, too, so it's not hard, just rather time-consuming. My stenciling days included doing a border on a second floor hallway that featured an open stairway with a railing. No ladder would work there, so what I did was stand on the railing and reach over the open stairway to the wall. So on part of the stairway, when I looked down I was stretched out over steps with the floor two stories down. Obviously I was younger then, and more foolhardy.

I think the only real trouble I've had when painting was the time I dribbled off-white paint onto chocolate brown carpet. There was just a small bit of paint involved, and it happened in a back hallway, but I got it up before it dried. As I think of it, now that I'm older the trouble I have when I paint is the next morning when I must break out the Tylenol for my stiff, sore muscles aoI can move again after spending a day painting.

My mom painted and wallpapered a lot while I was growing up, although I was never invited to help. Imagine that. I do remember the deep red ceiling in our kitchen that came about after the wall furnace burped soot upwards onto the ceiling. The only thing found that would cover the stain was deep red paint. And so it was, in spite of the pastel green walls in that room. As my mom recalls, she rather liked that red ceiling and kept it for a long time.

I guess that's another positive feature of paint: it can cover a multitude of sins, if necessary.



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