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Much to be thankful for

Jim's Jams

November 21, 2012
Jim Krajewski ( , The Daily Freeman Journal

Jam of the week: "Long Time Gone" by Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I'm told by my elders that there is a purpose to the holiday aside from eating, watching football and arguing politics with people who don't know who Nate Silver is.

I recently took stock of the things I'm thankful for, since there are so many good things to look at over the mild annoyances of life.

I'm thankful for my family. My mom and dad have been constant sources of wisdom through my life, even if I didn't believe them at the time that it would be easier to make new friends if we moved in the second grade rather than later. I'm thankful they planned dinner as a family for my entire youth.

I'm thankful my dad passed down his inquisitive mind to me. I remember traveling to Chicago with him and talking about history the whole time. I'm also glad he passed down much of his taste in music, from classics like Crosby, Stills & Nash, to more modern classics like The Smashing Pumpkins. I'm thankful I had a male role model to look up to as a child.

I'm thankful for my mom in countless ways. Whenever my dad and I butted heads growing up, she was always there to mediate. I'm thankful for her patience with myself and the rest of the family. I'm thankful she was there for me when I needed it. I'll never forget being terribly ill as a child watching "Dragonheart" with my mom.

I'm thankful for my sister. I'm thankful we both realized that not living in the same house gave us room to be better friends. I'm thankful for her wit and sarcasm, because it pushed me to be wittier. I'm thankful that our sibling rivalry pushed us to become better people. I'm thankful that she's spending time finding what she wants to do in life at college.

I'm thankful for my girlfriend, who without I wouldn't be able to be here today. She's my post-college anchor. I'm thankful that we enjoy so many of the same things, but are such different people. I'm glad she's grounded, understanding and much more organized than I. I'm thankful that she loves going to concerts, but also loves to stay in and watch Doctor Who with some tea.

I'm thankful for all my friends, who bug me to keep in touch. I'm thankful for my coworkers, who help me along my career path and put up with me listening to hip-hop on my headphones while I write. I'm thankful for all the people that I meet in this job that say hello when I see them downtown.

I'm thankful for you, the reader, understanding that I have many more things to be thankful for. I?will leave you with a poem submitted to me by Pam Skiles of Webster City.

We bow our heads;

Thanking the Creator for

Our friends, our family,

Our health, wealth

All that we have

We eat too much and

Say we shall never do it again

But next year rolls around

And there we are doing it again.

I often wonder why

We wait for one day a year

To give thanks for all we have

Or for who we are.

Why can't we say

Thanks everyday to

Creator of all.

Is it so hard to say

Thank you for what we have

Or who we are

And pray for all who don't

Have enough to eat,

A place to live,

Or good health.

Let's make Thanksgiving year round

Instead of just one day.

Let's make this "Season Holiday"

Year round

Spreading thanks to the world.



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