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Iowa — a land of quality

It Just Makes Sense

November 7, 2012
Gerald Schnepf - Executive director, Keep Iowa Beautiful , The Daily Freeman Journal

November is the time of year we are thankful for many things. Thanks, is a word we often forget to say particularly as it relates to the great state that we live in. It is a place of quality and great beauty not always the spectacular beauty of canyons, ocean or mountains, but the subtle and warm beauty of a rolling productive countryside sprinkled with wonderful small towns, occasional majestic views and dotted with jewel-like areas of parks and natural lands. All of this interconnected with rivers, valleys, lakes, wetlands, productive farmland, pasture land, forested areas, trails and great roadways.

It is the quality of Iowa and its people that inspired Robert D. Ray and Donald F. Lamberti to initiate a program enhancing the quality of this State and its rural character. They feel Iowa, its communities and special places need to be revered and respected. They felt it was important to establish Keep Iowa Beautiful (KIB) and to become a partner with Keep America Beautiful (KAB) in support of the effort. In 2000 Iowa became the 24th official state affiliate and partner with Keep America Beautiful.

Over the past 12 years KIB has made significant progress in creating awareness of the importance of clean and attractive places. And to empower and help Iowan's to improve and enhance the places where we live and work. Increasing public awareness and education programs that support the value of clean and attractive communities is critical. Improving their cultural and economic vitality continues to be a major goal of KIB just as it was when the organization was founded by Don Lamberti and Gov. Ray.

As we near Thanksgiving we can be thankful for the leadership that these two Iowans have and continue to give to our state.

Keep Iowa Beautiful was established in 2000 becoming the 23rd State Affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. It is a 501c3 charitable organization working with Iowa citizens, neighborhoods, communities and regions in improving the quality, beauty and cleanliness of our State.

KIB empowers Iowan's to have a greater commitment in building pride and respect in the places we live. Please check out our web page at



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