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Romney has proven track record

November 2, 2012
The Daily Freeman Journal

Iowa has been labeled a "swing state" in this year's presidential election, meaning votes here will be of critical importance on Tuesday.

Iowans have every reason to vote for Mitt Romney for president. Despite the carefully selected statistics incumbent President Barack Obama has set forth to bolster his candidacy, the past three and one-half years have been tough ones for many in our state.

Fewer Iowans have jobs than when Obama took office. More state residents live in poverty. Many of those who have jobs are taking home less in their paychecks.

Putting Iowans and other Americans back to work is Romney's top priority, and he has a solid plan to do that. Though his program includes a 59-point strategy, it has been distilled to five items during recent weeks:

- Reduce government spending and tackle the national debt, which has increased to more than $16 trillion under Obama.

- Cut taxes and regulations to champion small businesses.

- Curb unfair trade practices by other nations.

- Achieve energy independence, pushing forward with alternative fuels while increasing U.S. production of oil and gas and making better use of clean coal technology.

- Improve education and job training.

It is a formula that can meet the needs of Iowans. They are many, after nearly four years of Obama's failures to make good on his promises:

- Iowa's unemployment rate, according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, is 5.2 percent - but that is in part because many people have simply given up looking for jobs. In fact, there are 36,912 fewer Iowans working than when Obama took office.

- Iowa's poverty rate has increased to nearly 13 percent, up from about 11.4 percent when Obama took office. The poverty rate for families with children is about 15 percent.

- The median income for Iowa families has dropped drastically since Obama took office, from $50,721 in 2009 to $49,427 last year.

Iowans should not have to suffer the economic trials and travails that have persisted while Obama failed to keep his promises. Romney has a better idea and a proven track record. On Tuesday, Iowans who want progress instead of promises should vote for Romney for president.



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