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A 15-minute costume creation

The Mommy Chronicles

November 2, 2012
Anne Blankenship ( , The Daily Freeman Journal

We had a mad dash on Wednesday to get ready for trick or treating. Daniel had originally decided he was getting too old to canvas the neighborhood. He had opted to help Grandpa pass out candy so he didn't need a costume. Or so we thought.

After school, he changed his mind and decided he would like to take part in the merchants trick or treat event. So the hunt was on for an impromptu costume.

Shopping for a costume on Halloween afternoon is a bit like trying to find a turkey on Thanksgiving morning the selection is limited to say the least. Mostly what we found were adult costumes and most were not appropriate for an 11-year-old to wear. There were a few bits and pieces a wig here, a mask there. I found one a Scream mask the white-faced ghoul face from the movie "Scream." But he wasn't interested in that. He dove into a pile of hats and found a black pirate's hat. And that's what he decided his costume would be a pirate.

I have to admit, assembling a costume in just 15 minutes was a little intimidating but I told Daniel we could do this. In the same store, we found a long black wig, a bandana and red and black stripped shirt.

He put on the wig and wrapped the bandana around the unruly black strands. On top of that, he donned the pirate hat. I found an old clip on hoop earring and took out a black makeup pencil and applied a jaunty mustache and goatee to complete the look. It was a simple approach, but I think it turned out great considering the time factors and the resources with which we were working. He checked himself out in the mirror and seemed to be satisfied with the results.

When I was growing up, that's how we created all of our Halloween costumes. Well, usually we started a little earlier than what Daniel did. But my mom's closet and my sister's old party dresses served as the basis for some rather original ensembles. Add a mask or some makeup to complete the look. Back then, nobody I knew purchased ready-made costumes. Everybody used their imagination and creativity to come up with unique outfits. A cardboard box covered with tin foil was the basis for a robot costume. A long black dress, shawl and mask was a fun witch costume. A pair of overalls, some old boots and a bandana pack on a stick made a great hobo costume.

But times change and people don't have as much time to create their own costumes. I appreciate the convenience of ready-made costumes, but it was fun to know that I could throw something fun together for an impromptu costume.

Daniel had a good time but has vowed to start thinking about his costume for next year a little earlier than 45 minutes before trick or treating time.



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