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Getting framed

The Mommy Chronicles

October 12, 2012
Anne Blankenship ( , The Daily Freeman Journal

In seventh grade, it was discovered that I needed glasses. A series of headaches and a lot of squinting had brought my parents to the conclusion that an eye exam was in order.

My folks told me that since most everyone in my family wore glasses, that I, too, would likely need them at some point. Well, this appeared to be that point. The eye exam confirmed that assessment.

This week, Daniel received the news that he would also need glasses. He took the news rather well. I think with the squinting in school and at home, he was ready for some relief. Of course, almost as important as the getting the right prescription to see better is getting a set of frames that rocks. After all, style is very important to young men and women.

When I was selecting my first pair of frames, granny glasses were all the rage. Small, wire rimmed specs were what everyone was wearing. I was absolutely appalled when my mother picked out a pair of the horned-rim black frames. Yikes. I could hear all of my classmates laughing as I tried on the frames. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. Mom said she felt they would be so much more durable than the flimsy, delicate octagonal wire-rimmed ones I longed to buy. I promised to be careful and to take good care of the glasses. In the end, Mom let me choose my favorite pair.

That choice was important for a 13-year-old. I wanted to look casual with out looking like I was trying too hard.

Of course, styles change and everything that was stylish back in the good old 1970s, flip-flopped in the 1980s. Years later, those black-framed glasses are considered high style.

When I started college, vanity took over and I tried contact lenses. Back then, I had hard lenses, not the soft, permeable ones available today. I eventually gave them up. The constant cleaning, soaking, and great care to make sure they got in the right eye proved to be too much for me. My eyes were scratchy and sore often. The downside seemed to outweigh the vanity issues. I went back to glasses shortly after.

My dad recently got a new pair of glasses this week, too. He hadn't changed his glasses in about 10 years, so whatever his new glasses looked like, we knew it would be a major difference. He selected a handsome steel blue frame, but more importantly, he's happy to have a stronger prescription which allows him to read more comfortably.

It seems that Daniel knew just what he wanted in the way of frames. I think he tried on just a total of four. He test a couple wire frames but quickly moved on to a brown plastic frame that looked great on him.

Of course, now comes the hard part for Daniel waiting for his new glasses to be ready. Daniel is not exactly the most patient kid around.



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