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Questions King’s perspective

October 5, 2012
Selden Spencer , The Daily Freeman Journal

To the Editor:

Congressman Steve King recently authored a chest thumping critique of Obama's foreign policy. King began with a premise that America's fighting force has been focused for the past several years on "restoring peace and bringing prosperity to the Middle East and Afghanistan."

What is King looking at? By the way, who authorized these invasions and occupations? King voted for them. If the goal is to suppress radical Islam, can this happen at the barrel of our guns? Really?

Our extravagant investment of blood and treasure in revenge for losses on 9/11 has not reduced the threat of terrorism, or created much peace or prosperity for that region, or us. King's bravado may satisfy our desire for revenge but in the end, is it productive or effective? Is it the right track?

King writes Obama "has not provided a clear vision for the future of the Middle East and North Africa." Is King implying it is our responsibility to provide a clear vision for the future of millions in countries on the opposite side of our earth? Could this brand of arrogance be fueling radical Islam? We have a couple decades of chaos now confirming that it does.

We knew King was wrong on fiscal policy, farm policy, dogfighting, general decency, but now we know his perspectives on foreign policy are worse. We've spent billions of dollars and wasted thousands of lives for little or nothing to show for it in the Middle East. If King wants even more of that, vote him out.

Selden Spencer, M.D.




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