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Adventures in TV viewing

The Mommy Chronicles

September 28, 2012
Anne Blankenship ( , The Daily Freeman Journal

It's that time of year time for the new season of television programs. It coincides with the cooler weather and people spending more time inside in the evenings.

Since I work evenings, that means my DVR works evenings, too. On Sundays, I go through the weeks program list and pick and choose which

shows I'll want to watch the following weekend. Of course, the only thing that can disrupt that plan is when Daniel decides to record some Cartoon Network masterpiece whichcancels out "Dancing With the Stars."

That happened this week. I missed the two opening nights of my favorite show. And I think this year is going to be a barn-burner. The all-stars are on from previous years. It's going to be difficult to choose who to cheer for since I like so many of the past winners. There's gymnast Shawn Johnson and speed skater Apollo Ono, actress Kirstie Alley and heartthrob Giles Marini. So, I guess I'll just watch and enjoy and see which favorite steps to the forefront.

With busy lives and hectic days, sometimes I don't always see the great new shows in the first season. Sometimes it takes me a couple of years to find those gems in the all the rubble. One of those is "The Big Bang Theory." After just a few episodes, Sheldon, the OCD-prone scientist who lives strictly by his highly structured routines, quickly has become an endearing favorite. And his little group of cohorts create a slightly disfunctional but loyal band of friends.

In the past year, with reruns and unappealing shows jamming many of

the channels, my hubby and I turned to one of the streaming video services. That's where we discovered some really wonderful British television. Our favorite is "Doc Martin," a fun and quirky show about a small British fishing village and the unusal doctor who comes to open a practice there. The doctor, while very skilled, has an unsettling, irritable bedside manner. He also has developed phobia for blood. That proved to be problematic in his surgical position at a London hospital. Hence, he made the move to Port Wenn.

We simply devoured the first four seasons of the show. On Netflix, one

can watch one episode right after another. And finally, the fifth season was posted which we watched in a weekend marathon. Now, the wait begins for the sixth and final season.

We also got hooked on a fun Cannadian show called "Murdoch Mysteries," about a late Victorian-era police officer who amazes his fellow officers by using cutting-edge science. Quite often, famous historical or fictional characters will show up in the storyline. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Nikola Tesla and Harry Houdini all figure prominently into the cases.

But, alas, we've run through the entire complement of episodes available and with quite a cliff hanger, too. So hopefully, since the show is still in production, we soon get a peek at the next season.

It's fun to see these programs from around the world. It brings home the theory that we're all more alike than we may think.

So as the chill in the night air returns and the leaves begin to turn and fall, I'm going to relish those evenings with mug of steaming peppermint coffee and the remote in hand.

Ah, the simple pleasures of life.



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