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Autumn cometh

The Circuit Rider

September 21, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

Tomorrow marks the first day of autumn, or fall, if you prefer and I could not be happier. Not just because the horrible heat wave that we experienced last summer is now over, but because of the season itself. It has always been my favorite. Each of the other seasons bring beauty and wonderment with them, but autumn brings something very special to the table. As I tell you the things that I love most about this season, I hope that you will recall the things about it that mean something to you.

As we came into the month of September, I noticed, as I'm sure all of you did, that the temperature began to drop ever so slightly at first and then more so as the month progressed. This truly has been a great relief to many whom the heat had been a traumatic episode for. Along with this change, we have already seen some color in the trees. A spot of gold here and a blotch of red there and soon we will have a plethora of autumn splendor in our midst. Who says we can't compete with the fall hardwoods of the east or the aspens of Colorado?

Along with the cooler temps and the bright colors, we have a crispness to the air that cannot be duplicated in any other season. Where we have days that are warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities and nights that are cool enough to want to start a fire and cozy up to it. Of course, school days have begun for the little ones and they look forward to a schedule to live by and to absorb the material being taught to them.

That being said, autumn is a time that becomes sort of a lull between summertime running and holiday hectics. It is a time of transition, just as all seasons are and this time is best spent in the company of friends and family. It is still warm enough to start up the grill and enjoy a good steak, but be sure to have those marshmallows on hand to roast over that fire you'll want to have later.

So as the year moves into the future and the autumn season reveals its beauty, let us enjoy each and every moment of it. Look up at the sky and take in the crisp, clean air. Look down at the earth and relish the harvest that is being brought in as we speak and will keep us fed for months to come. Look around and find the one leaf, felled from a favorite tree, that will bring forth the essence of autumn for you.

Autumn cometh, I wish you well.



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