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Striking a happy medium

The Mommy Chronicles

September 14, 2012
Anne Blankenship ( , The Daily Freeman Journal

I have a cold. Well not exactly a cold, more like allergies that seem to be moving from place to place. First it's the sinuses and then the chest and then it was Daniel's sinuses and then his chest, and then my husband Larry's sinuses and his chest.

It's a good thing dogs don't get head colds or Buster and Toby our two furkids would be next. As it was they spent most of their time laying around except when it became extremely important for someone to get up to let them outside or put food in their dish or water in their bowl or let them back in again. You ever read the instructions on shampoo where it says lather rinse repeat? Dogs should come with a label reading feed, water, let out, let in, repeat.

The primary activity at my house when people are sick is watching TV and moaning piteously. Larry is very good at this. However, he is not so good at co-watching the shows that I enjoy. I have two guilty pleasures - the paranomal shows, and judge shows. My new favorite is the Long Island Medium on TLC. Why they call it The Learning Channel when it's nothing but reality shows (Larry calls them scripted reality shows) is beyond me.

I'm not saying that I believe in mediums or psychics or the like, but she sometimes seems to be spot-on. Does she Google it? Is it a mind-reading trick?

However, they never seem to show the times where she fails spectacularly or the mundane things that the rest of us go through, like meetings, paperwork, or trying to make sure that there's gas in the car. Of course that wouldn't be all that interesting. I don't always enjoy doing those things in my own life, much less watching other people do them.

Larry, however, has the heart of a cynic and delights in pointing out the unreality of what is being presented as a reality show. I finally had to banish him to his office, because he got so obnoxious about it.

The thing is, he likes to watch things I don't like either, but they tend to be history and science which makes it a little harder to criticize since they are informative rather than entertaining.

He likes being able to say "But honey, it's educational." which never fails to tick me off because I know he's right. Identifying the Higgs boson (and know I don't know what that is, but my science geek friends tell me it's pretty important) is probably more important than whether Judge Judy puts the smack down on some moron that thought that he shouldn't have to take responsibility for his half of the cable bill.

But after being married for 13 years, I think we've managed to strike a happy medium, if you'll pardon the pun. I let him watch what he wants when I'm not home and he lets me watch what I want when he's not home. When we're home at the same time, we pretty much take turns.

That's what being married is all about, I guess, little compromises about little things. We tend to fit the big things in too, but the little things are what allow us to keep things moving forward, even when we have disagreements over things like TV shows to watch, what car to buy, who to vote for, or which bills to pay.

Thankfully, the little things are the ones we have disagreements about. The big stuff we seem to be primarily on the same page even when we have to spend a little more time negotiating.



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