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People watching

The Circuit Rider

August 31, 2012
Kay.Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

If you are looking for some cheap, yet vibrant entertainment, then I have a deal for you. All you have to do is head down to your favorite mall or the city park or even just stand on the corner of a busy street and watch the people. People come in all shapes and sizes and they come from all walks of life. No two are the same, not even twins. The joy comes in watching them as they go about their lives and perform their daily tasks. Their individual idiosyncrasies make them more fun to watch than Saturday morning cartoons, and let's face it, they aren't that great any more anyway.

You have the folks who are clearly on a schedule. They repeatedly look at their watches or their cell phone for the time to see if they have passed that magical mark that makes them late for the next thing. They appear uptight as if the world is just not able to keep up with their pace and this fact on top of many annoys them greatly.

Then there are those who don't seem to have an agenda at all. They wander about, almost aimlessly, and browse their way from one side to the other. They may or may not be wearing a watch but it is obvious that time means little to them at this juncture. Their hair is generally pulled back from their face or they are wearing a hat and their stature is slack to say the least. I envy these people, even if it is only for the moment.

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The couples, as I call them, are those who seem to be joined at the hip. Their fingers are entwined and they converse as if they are the only two people in the whole world. Their eyes actually sparkle with the other's reflection in them and viewing them gives one hope for the future of this world and the love that surrounds us but sometimes becomes elusive when the one we refer to as our better half is not there.

Moms, like other people, come in all shapes and sizes, however, they are usually bent - the good ones are anyway. Moms are either weighed down because they are carrying a baby around that needed some comforting or they are helping, scolding, or just holding the hand of a toddler that needs them. Don't confuse this position with exhaustion. While the mom in question may in fact be tired, she is only lacking a cape and a tiara from being super-human.

Watching children is always entertaining as they are genuinely absorbing every bit of information around them that they can drink in. They are fascinated with life and that is a beautiful thing to see. We adults tend to think that we have seen it all and nothing catches our attention any more. It would behoove us to look at life the way that children do once in a while. Be astounded, life is amazing.

As you watch people, though, it is important that while you can be entertained, you must never judge. You have no idea what is going on in their lives that has brought them to the place that they are now and on top of that, they too, may be people watching, you.

Have a beautiful day and know that God made each and every one of us for his entertainment. He loves us all.



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