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The gift of happiness

The Circuit Rider

August 17, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

When it comes to gifts, I must admit that I have been very blessed in my life to have received some really wonderful ones. Of course, I'm not talking about just birthday and Christmas gifts, although there have been some really nice ones in that respect as well. The gifts that I am talking about go far deeper than holiday exchanges and parties with cake and ice cream.

First, I was gifted with song. I actually have an unnaturally large range and can sing in everything from first soprano down to tenor. I have a voice that carries and that, too, has benefitted me greatly in many aspects. If people don't hear me, it is because they choose not to.

Second, I was gifted with height. It might interest you to know that I am actually the runt of the litter with my younger brother and sister both being taller than me. But I can tell you for certain that I have enjoyed being six feet tall, most of the time. It is a common occurrence for people, mostly men, to come up to me and verbally wish that they were taller than they were. My response to them is the same as it is to myself and all others. God made you the way you are and you are that way for a reason. Don't fight it, embrace it and be the best that you can be.

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Kay. Christie

Third, I was gifted with brains and some common sense. I'm not going to tell you that I am the smartest person around, but I do all right and I really have to credit my parents for the common sense as they were the examples that I learned from.

Fourthly, I was gifted with the ability to tell a story and have also enjoyed several venues with which to be able to tell those stories. The even bigger gift here is that there are people who still want to hear and read my stories and that gift is appreciated more than you will ever know.

Now there are those that would say that instead of gifts, these are curses. They might say that I am too tall, or that I don't sing well, or that I am not that smart or that I talk too much. The fact is that they might be right. A defense could be built in either direction, but you see, I choose to see these and other things about myself as gifts and that makes me happy.

The quote on my calendar this week states simply, "The gift of happiness belongs to those who unwrap it."

Well, unwrap it I have and will continue to unwrap each and every gift that God bestows upon me, even when they aren't wrapped in pretty packages. Every day is a gift. Open it and enjoy it and smile because God loves you.



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