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A positive spin

The Circuit Rider

July 27, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

I recently performed a memorial service for a person who had been murdered. I did not ignore the fact that this had happened as that would have been a slap in the face of the deceased and her family and it is important that people know the facts. While I started the eulogy out with this fact, I ended it on a positive note. Of course you are thinking right now that there could be nothing positive with such an awful tragedy, but I beg to differ.

The time spent on this earth by the victim was obviously too short, but it was time spent here with a purpose and from what I saw in her family member's eyes and hearts, she made a very positive impact while she was here. The world is a better place because she was here and we knew her.

There are many who complain because they have to go to work. I believe that the opposite is true. We should be thankful that we get to go to work. In today's economy, it is almost considered a luxury to have a job, let alone a career. Sure, it can be hard, that's why they call it work, but it can also be very rewarding. Most jobs have a rewards program, at least to a degree, but if yours does not, then make up your own. Set up goals for yourself and then when you meet them, reward yourself. There is a good chance that when you do this, your boss at work will notice and more good things will happen for you as well.

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In the same way, I say that work can be fun. It really is all in the attitude that we bring to our workplace. If you decide that it is all drudgery, then you will be miserable. However, if you decide that you will have some fun and even possibly learn something, then you will. It is your decision every time you walk in the door.

I had someone ask me the other day, where the summer went, as back to school ad were already hitting the papers and the commercials on television. I just shook my head and said that the summer is not even close to being over. It will last just as long as last summer did and the summer before that and the summer before that. Seriously folks, it is a shame when we miss out on something because we are already anticipating its end.

In all reality, we should be enjoying every season as it comes. Appreciate summer for its warmth and outdoor activity level, autumn for its crisp air and beautiful color, winter for its brutal cold and seasonal joy, and spring for its renewal of spirit and life.

It was Dr. Seuss who once said, " Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." Smile for every season as it comes and as it goes. Smile for every job for what it can teach and help you to become. Smile for every minute of life that you have on this earth and then thank God for knowing His Son and being able to live for eternity. Put a positive spin on life and it will be lot more fun to go through.



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