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A sense of wonderment

The Circuit Rider

July 20, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

Recently, I witnessed the look of wonderment on my one-year-old grandson's face as we watched the fireworks display on July 4th in Williams. Between the noise and the lights, he just sat there with eyes as wide as saucers and his mouth completely agape. Of course he does not know the amount of money and work that goes into putting on such a display and the great thing is that he doesn't care. All he is capable of doing right now is living in the pure enjoyment of the moment.

Now I am not saying that we should not appreciate all of the people who, whether they are behind the scenes or in the lime light, either put up the funding or work their tails off to make things like this happen. In fact, I think that we should pause here for a minute to give them the accolades that they deserve. Go ahead, I'll wait

OK, now that this has been accomplished, I want to give us a few reminders of things that we should be staring at with saucer-big eyes and a slack-jaw.

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If you take another look at the fireworks, it is not hard to think about all of the effort, timing and money that go into one of these shows, but long before man started blowing things up and making things go boom, God put colors in the morning and evening skies that have not been and cannot be rivaled by any artistic medium. The brilliant reds and yellows and oranges set against a beautiful blue backdrop continue to amaze people, at least those who take the time to look, even to this day. Take time to look and ponder and revel in this gift.Have you ever thought about all of the things that you cannot hold in your hands? We are a society of control freaks who think that we must have a hold of everything in order to be successful. If you are one of these people and I must admit to being one myself, run your hand under the faucet or just try to cup a drink from the stream or the lake. No matter how tightly you clench your fingers, you cannot hold that water in your hand; it will run out and trickle down your fingers and arms and off of your elbows. The same goes for sand. While you may retain a few grains that stick to your palm, you will never be able to keep a hand full of sand in your hand for very long. If that is not vivid enough for you, then try catching the air. There are all sorts of ways that we are utilizing the wind and the sun for energy by capturing them in mechanisms that will channel that energy to us and our households; but aside from that, we cannot and should not catch the wind in our hands.

There are so many things that should hold our gaze in wonderment, but I want to end this column on the most magnificent of all and that is love. We have all heard about the divorce rate and the fact that people are waiting to get married anymore because they don't have faith that the relationship will last. Yet, people, young and old alike are "falling in love" every day. They are ignoring the statistics and committing their lives to each other. It is hard, when all you have to do is turn on the television and watch any news program and see the mayhem that has a firm grasp on the world today, to think that anything beautiful such as love could survive. But it does and it grows and it thrives despite and sometimes because of what is going on in the world today. By the time you read this, I will just be back from a trip to Colorado where I preformed my first wedding and united in marriage two amazing and beautiful people. Some might call them kids, for they are in fact in their early twenties. But the fact is that they have already sustained a relationship longer than many marriages have enjoyed. I believe that they will remain in love forever and ever if for no other reason than they look at each other with wonderment in their eyes.

Open your fingers and let the water and the sand and air flow through them freely and open your eyes to the many beautiful colors that come to amaze us each and every day. More over, open your heart and receive the love that is all around us and embrace it with both arms. Enjoy your sense of wonderment.



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