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A tribute to a true giver


July 17, 2012
Carrie Olson , The Daily Freeman Journal

When you are a child, you don't realize how dependent you are. Who will open up my milk? Who will read me a bedtime story? And when I'm sick, who will make me all better?

It isn't until years later that you can appreciate all that has been done for you by others in your life. To my elementary teachers who opened my milk. To my parents for those reading adventures before sleep. And to my doctors who took my care seriously.

Even as an adult, it isn't that easy to remember to give thanks to all those that have given you so much during their lifetimes. You see them every day. Life gets in the way. It isn't until you have to say goodbye and realize that they aren't there anymore when reality hits home.

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The Hamilton County community had a tremendous loss this week, as we say goodbye to a neighbor, a friend, and an invaluable member of the medical community - Dr. Anil Sahai.

As a lifelong Webster City Medical Center patient, I have had the opportunity to have him as my doctor. "Miss Carrie," he would start by saying, entering the exam room - always with a smile on his face. You weren't just another sick patient awaiting treatment, a number. No, that wasn't the case with Dr. Anil.

It is always hard to grasp reality when such images starkly stick out.

He wasn't just a doctor - Dr. Anil went above and beyond his work.

I remember how well he treated my family when my grandmother was dying in the hospital. Soon after she drew her last breath, Dr. Anil was there to comfort each family member - pulling us in for a big hug.

Dr. Anil was there for his patients and their loved ones in the best and worst of times. He truly cared.

He was a healer. Many medical miracles came true for his patients as he worked tirelessly toward their treatments.

Dr. Anil was a mentor and a teacher to his staff and his students. In recent days, tributes have poured in from all those that he influenced.

There is so much to be said about such a loving, caring person. But what sticks out, for me, is the fact that he gave and gave, and never stopped giving.

That kind of person never stops living - Dr. Anil will not be forgotten as he has changed this world for the better. His gifts were immense, and many (and I mean many) are forever in his debt.

Thank you, Dr. Anil.



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