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Volunteers deserve credit

July 11, 2012
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the Editor:

I am wanting to give a much deserved pat on the back to our dedicated fair board members who volunteer two to three nights a week and every Saturday, beginning early in the morning to working, mostly watering, our racetrack.

Not many people would continue to battle through the headaches and complaining you guys have had to deal with this year, as you learn. Lack of rain is hurting many bigger and more serious businesses, but your determination and dedication truly deserves applause. Its hard to see, as spectators, the time spent away from your own families and jobs, week after week, in selfless efforts to bring a successful weekly event to our town. Our town benefits financially, some businesses like hotels, gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores more than others, but races like this past Saturday night brought more than 1,000 spectators to Hamilton County Speedway.

When walking through the parking lots, I couldn't help but notice at least two-thirds, or more, of the license plates were from out of county. When one compares an evening of entertainment at the Hamilton County Speedway to taking a family of four to a movie, which lasts two hours at most, their money is well spent with admission costing at most $20 (2 adults and 2 kids under age 17) on a regular Saturday night.

Besides the fair board members and their families who dedicate lots of time, especially in the summer, Nancy Kayser deserves a big thank you, as well. She spends every Saturday night taking pictures during the races, which she does on her own time. She then prints copies of the weekly winners photos and generously gives them to the race car driver the following week. She submits articles to the newspaper each week and helps with many other things at the fairgrounds. She does all this, just like the board members and their families, for no pay, but as a hobby and love of the events.

There are many more volunteers that truly deserve a hats-off to as well, but this is a good start. Food for thought, even though the negatives are easy to find, lets try to remember compliments are easier to accept, and we all want the same outcome ... a great evening of races at our hometown track.

Thanks again to all our volunteers, your time and hard work do not go unnoticed!

Michele Chalfant

Webster City



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