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Surviving the heat wave


July 9, 2012
Billie Shelton , The Daily Freeman Journal

So I wonder what you did to cope with our recent heat wave. I thought that it would never end. Eventually all I wanted was an end to the heat. I forgot about wishing for rain. And I don't even have to work out in the weather.

I guess you could say that the main way we cope with the heat is doing our best to stay in air conditioning. We scurry from our cooled homes to our cool vehicles and on into our cooled work places.

We are fortunate to live in the time we do, even as spoiled as we all are. No more moving our mattresses out on the lawn to sleep at night when it's miserably hot, as was the norm in the past, I'm told. Air conditioning certainly beats that. We have good refrigeration for our food and ice makers in our refrigerators.

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One delicious way to cope with hot weather is by enjoying ice cream, which is really convenient since this is National Ice Cream Month. President Reagan declared it to be so back in 1984. Ice cream has been around much longer than that, though, and was probably developed in the 1600s. The source I consulted said that this is a very presidential treat, as Thomas Jefferson had a recipe for vanilla ice cream, George Washington once paid $200 for a specific ice cream recipe, and ice cream was served President James Madison's second inaugural ball.

Somehow homemade ice cream is always colder than the store-bought variety, so it's great for keeping cool, too. Unless it's a hand-cranked freezer, because that takes some effort that just might work up a sweat even while you're trying to keep cool by enjoying the frozen lusciousness. An electric freezer is an answer to that.

Reading is another excellent way to cope with hot weather on those days when you hit the beach or even when you're just holed up inside on a lazy afternoon with your air conditioning. Reading a book also works when you're in a fishing boat with your husband. Living is just a little bit easier during the summers, so it's a great time to pick up that novel you've been wanting to read. If you're like me and not sure what you want to read, there are numerous lists of suggestions online. One I checked out was titled "Four books you should steal from your teenager this summer."

One more thing I've noticed about summer. When it's really hot you don't see any more people outside than you do when it's bitter cold. And have you ever noticed that we seemingly don't really care about how we look when we're either trying our best to stay warm or to keep cool?



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