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Vote in the primary like a determined independent for change

July 2, 2012
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the Editor:

Achieving meaningful change in Washington, D.C. requires many more thinking citizens to vote in the primaries. In Texas, the November general election results are largely determined by the results in the primaries months earlier. This is especially true of congresspersons.

Usually only the reddest of Republicans and the bluest of Democrats vote in the primaries. Independents rarely vote in them. This practice causes devastating unintended consequences. Independents contribute nothing where/when it's easiest to bring about meaningful change.

The primary election season for the current election cycle is more than half over. The results so far: almost all (90 plus percent) of congressional incumbents have won their primary elections and are almost certain to win re-election to congress in November.

If you really want change in Washington, forget your party affiliation, if any. Everyone should vote in the primary of the incumbent's party and vote for someone other than the incumbent. First defeat the incumbent (it's harder to do than you think), then come November vote for the best candidate available.

If you really want to change in Washington vote in the primary like a determined independent who really wants change.

- Glen Terrell,

Arlington, Texas



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