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A moment of your time

The Circuit Rider

June 29, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

When I was a young girl, my family was invited to the showing of a very special film in Des Moines. The film, actually a training video in part, was the story about a police shooting that my uncle, a police officer in Des Moines at the time, had been involved in. He had been shot in the leg and his partner had been shot and killed in the incident involving a hit and run driver that they were looking for. Though the story was more about police procedure than anything else, the inevitable drama of uniformed officers going up to the doors of my aunt and the widow of the slain officer was a life changing visual for me.

Since that time, I have held in high regard all who put on a uniform and serve in an emergency capacity. Without these people in place, whether they be law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, doctors, nurses and others, we would all be in a big world of hurt. My uncle continued to serve in the police force in Des Moines for a total of twenty some years and helped countless amounts of people with his dedication to enforcing the law and keeping the streets safe.

In our world today, at any given time, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different emergency situations going on. The people who respond to these situations do so not to be a hero, or to gain any sort of glory, but to serve their fellow community members in the way that they have been called to do so. And please do not make any mistake about it, they have been called to these positions by a higher power.

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Currently, there are several major wildfires located in Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas and other states as well. There are people who have lost their homes, their cars, their jobs, and even their lives because of these horrific fires. The personnel responding to these emergency situations are coming up against brutal weather conditions and agonizing timelines. I am asking for a moment of your time to stop and say a prayer for not just the victims of these tragedies, but also those who have been sent in to rescue and assist.

I would also ask that you remember all emergency personnel even when there is not an emergency that they are responding to. These men and women live every day working, training, and living to be there for their communities, friends and family members in the event that things go wrong.

When there is something so large as the Colorado wildfires going on, it is easy to say that there is nothing that I can do from here, but there is something you can do. Take a moment and say a prayer for all of these people. God knows who needs what and He will do the rest. Thank you for your moment of time.



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