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Read me a story, Daddy

The Circuit Rider

June 15, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

This weekend is Father's Day and I want you all to do one thing. Whether it was your real father or someone who was a father to you, please give them a call or send them a card and let them know what a difference they made in your life.

I count myself among the graciously blessed. My Father, who is the greatest of the great, is still around to teach me and love me and direct me, even though I am at an age when I probably should not need directing any more. For this story, however, I want to take you back to my childhood when my Dad would read stories to my siblings and me before we went to bed or during a lazy Sunday afternoon. We would all climb up into his lap while he sat in his overstuffed recliner, (later on we would gather on the couch when we were too big for the Lazy Boy), and he would read us one of our favorite stories and take us to another world.

Whether it was princes on horseback, a friendly puppy, or a spaceship to the moon, we would travel to the ends of the earth and beyond, all while sitting in the safety of that big chair and wrapped in the love of our Father. It was from that comfort zone that I emerged the adult that I have become today.

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Now my Father could be a tough man and if you crossed him, which I did way too often, you found out just how tough. But more than that, he was fair and no matter what your judgment, you knew that you deserved what you got from him.

That being said, I learned many lessons from my Father, such as how to drive, to be polite in all company, to keep my mouth shut and my ears open, not to take any wooden nickels, and most of all, to be happy. He taught me that in order to be happy, you must be happy. We all make our own happiness or our own misery and Dad always was happy, no matter what was going on. He has a sense of humor that should have gone on the road, but he will always give you an "aw shucks ma'am kind of grin" and say that it's just experience having fun. Dad loves to tell stories to this day, although most of them are not in print.

My childhood is filled with great memories such as the times when Dad would read me a story and I have since grown into an adult who is responsible and trustworthy because of the love and guidance that I received from my parents.

The tables have turned lately and I find myself helping my parents a little more than they are helping me, but even so, there is no more comforting place to be than within the embrace of my Dad.

Happy Father's Day, Dad, I just want you to know that I appreciate everything that you have done for me from reading stories to mowing lawns and so much more. I can never do enough to thank you for being the kind of Father that you have always been and continue to be, but please know that I am here when you need me. I love you and I am always ready for a story.



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