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A budding entrepreneur

The Mommy Chronicles

June 8, 2012
Anne Blankenship , The Daily Freeman Journal

The outdoor pool opened earlier this week and it was packed on the first day. The new water slide was a hit. The line to take a slippery ride on that curving twisting tube was quite lengthy.

I can understand that. The slide is new and just recently completed. It really is an imposing sight with it's red and white candy stripes.

Daniel was one of the first in line. He arrived just as the pool was opening, and managed to stay until closing time. He went armed with sunscreen, and for the most part came away unscathed, except for a round patch on his back about the size of a softball. That represented the exact area that he couldn't reach to apply the sun protection cream. So, he's taking some time off from the sun to recover from the painful burn.

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So to pass the time until he goes back to the pool, Daniel and a school friend have embarked upon a little business venture. They have established a lemonade stand. They are following the lead of countless youngsters who have found that the public likes to have a cool drink on a hot day.

The kids have planned everything down to the very last detail their cost per unit, signs to advertise and how to divide the profits and plan for the next day's sales. Daniel's last lemonade adventure wasn't quite that organized and in the end, he ended up paying for most of the supplies and not bringing in any profits. But he and his new partners seem to have overcome those obstacles.

Their first day was quite profitable $28 raised. Less $6 in supplies, they netted $22 which they divvied up. Of course, some of those profits came from kindhearted passersby who made a contribution to the kids.

They did have a little competition, however. Not far away, another group was also selling cold drinks to people passing by. But neither group strayed from their own territory, so both groups were able to have a successful day of sales.

Daniel is a pretty enterprising kid. He's always got his eye out for ways to make a little money or to finance a new video game. He helps his grandfather with projects around the house and runs errands for him, for which he receives a small remuneration.

I think these kinds of little business ventures can do a lot for young people. It gives them a good sense of the business world, helps them to calculate and handle money. They can learn how to budget, how to anticipate expenses and how to offer good customer service. Best of all, it helps build a sense of integrity and responsibility, skills that these young entrepreneurs will be able to use the rest of their lives.



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