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A cowboy-action western shoot

Izaak Walton Report

May 18, 2012
Blaine Kloppenborg , The Daily Freeman Journal

Mark your calendars, circle the date, plan to attend. The local Izaak Walton Chapter will be hosting an old-timey Wild West cowboy-action-type shoot on June 9. Sign up starts at 10 a,m. In the event of rain, the event will be changed to the next day, June 10.

A $10 entry fee includes ammunition and lunch. They'll be celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Izaak Walton League, along with 1555 years of the first self-contained cartridge., the .22. Cowboy period (1880s) attire is encouraged by ain't required, 'ceptin the hat fer shootin' and the spectators are welcome to join in the fun with costumes.

Come as your favorite "B"?movie or 50s TV?Western character, barkeep, school marm, saloon girl, cowpoke, gunslinger or lawman. Any and all are welcome. Have fun with it.

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This is not an S.A.S.S. sanctioned event and your must be 18 to enter. Bring your own single action revolvers, lever or pump rifle and shotguns with open hammers or coach guns. Participants must wear a cowboy-type hat to shoot. You can holster unloaded guns. Guns and hats are available to use if you need them. No loaded firearms are allowed except in the staging areas. All guns will be checked at sign in. Safety glasses and hearing protection are also required and participants must obey all Range Officer commands. This is a multi-stage timed competition, no time limit, low time wins. Five second penalty for missed shots.

The Ikes are located 7.5 miles south of Webster City on Fenton Avenue. It's going to be a fun shoot the old-timey cowboy way with cowboy attire. For more information, call Doug Ritter, 832-3832, or Jim Follett, 832-5346. Both of these guys are characters. Follett will be the one wearing a black stove-pipe hat and the small derringer and a cigar in his mouth. Ritter ... well ... it's hard to say. I first met Doug Ritter when I was at the Ike's rifle range dialing in some 200-yard dope on my scope. This dude comes walking down the firing line towards me, looking like he just walked out of the page of a cowboy western magazine. I mean this guy was wearing a white duster, a six-gun and belt, a white beard that went clear down his neck and a mustache as wide as his grin. All this with a Texas handshake that can turn coal into carbon. Long story short, they'll be ramrodding the cowboy western shoot. Get to know them. They are as much fun as the shoot itself.

Lead shot ban lifted for doves

Gov. Terry Branstad, while criticizing ta commission he appoints, defended his decision rescinding a rule against the use of lead ammunition in dove hunts. Branstad said, "The determination of whether hunters should be forced to stop using traditional shot is something that should be decided by the Legislature, not by administrative action."?

Branstad signed an executive order lifting the ban put in place earlier. The lead shot thing is still up in the air. While some studies conclude the full effects of leftover shot in meat are inconclusive on humans, other studies conclude that scavengers like eagles can become ill after ingesting led shot. The Iowa Natural Resources Commission, a citizens panel appointed by the governor, last year passed a rule banning the ammunition. That upset some hunters and some gun advocates.

National Benchrest shoot

The Izaak Walton Benchrest Range will be the site of a national benchrest shoot this weekend, ?Saturday and Sunday, one of four to be held this summer. If you are into rifle shooting or precision shooting and a gun nut, as I am, you might want to drive down to the Ike's park and watch them shoot.

These are the guys that shoot from concrete tables, rest their rifles on precision sandbags, look through 36-power scopes and try for one-hole groups at 100 and 200 yards. The shoot will be at the Ike's park all day Saturday and most of Sunday. Although national in nature, most of the top rifle shooters in the Midwest will be there including Mike Bigelow, world record holder. There's no admission charge - it's free. Ask questions if you like. Watch them reload if you want. Observe the silence while they're shooting.

And now ... have a good weekend.



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