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Hurry up and ...

The Circuit Rider

April 20, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

It seems that we have been in a really big hurry for quite some time now. We are a society that loves instant gratification and are automatically annoyed anytime we have to wait for anything.

I am old enough that I remember when Mom and Dad got their first microwave. It was a big deal. My Mom was and still is one of, if not the best, cook in the state. When they brought it home and were setting it up, it took a prominent place in the kitchen. Mostly because it was so big, but then again, it was so new fangled and promised a life of leisure for my mother who slaved away in the kitchen night and day supposedly. All of the people in the instruction manual and the cookbook that came with it were smiling so big and I thought they looked like a painting by Norman Rockwell.

Mom wanted to use it right away, so she looked in the recipe book and found something that she could make for supper. When we all sat down to eat that night, expecting Mom's usually wonderful fare of food, we were presented with tough rubbery meat, vegetables that scalded our mouths and a dessert that didn't quite cook all the way through. Of course, this is nothing on my Mom, let's just say that microwaves have come a long way since then.

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The point is that the microwave and other such inventions were supposed to better our world by making it faster and easier and yet, it wasn't better. Oh sure, you can heat up a fairly decent microwave dinner now in mere minutes and you might even get to taste part of it while you are racing out the door to your next thing. What have you really gained?

The telephone is something else that has come a long way and is supposed to make our lives better. You can throw in the light bulb, the washing machine, and even the machine gun. Don't get me wrong, they have improved our lives, but they have also made our lives busier and more stressful and longer.

At this point, I have to ask, why are we in such a hurry? What is it that we are trying so hard to accomplish? It seems that we get the same amount of quality time that people a hundred years ago got, but we do in seventy-five years instead of forty. Maybe a good plan is to enjoy the amenities that we have, but to slow things down a bit and start to actually enjoy life instead of rushing through it.

Go ahead and heat up that dinner in the microwave, but turn down the lights and turn off your phone and leave the washing until tomorrow. Read a good book and look forward to whatever the next day will bring. Hurry up and rest.



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