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Take a bite out of life

The Circuit Rider

April 15, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

The next big thing, as they say, seems to be the phrase; "Live life on purpose." I agree wholeheartedly with this statement and feel that it should be broadcast from the mountaintops so that people will quit living their lives like victims and do something about their own happiness.

That being said, however, I also believe that it is vitally important to not only allow, but also to enjoy some serendipity or happy accidents into your life. If our path is completely mapped out and we wear blinders while on it, then we rob ourselves of the opportunity to find and experience new things.

The other day, I went to a favorite restaurant of mine. Instead of ordering what I always order, (I am such a creature of habit) I decided to change things up some and order something completely different. I ordered what was deemed a house-specialty hamburger (I know, living life on the edge, right?). Anyway, what I got was "something else." Instead of the special burger that I ordered, the lovely waitress brought me another special burger, which is what she heard me say. I looked at the burger and thought that it looked different, but since I had never ordered it, I didn't know what it was supposed to look like. The difference was made quite clear when I bit into it and ended up with a mouth full of jalapeos and hot cheese.

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I must admit at least at first, I was shocked and thought to call the waitress back to get what I actually ordered. But then, as the tasty, spicy, melty, burger began to tickle my taste buds, I declined to wave her down and decided to just enjoy the mistake. When all was said and done, I ate the burger right down to the last bite and I must contend that it was one of the best burgers that I have ever had. That is saying something when you consider that I am an Iowa farm girl and I have had more than my fair share of burgers of the years.

When the waitress brought my bill, I told her of the mishap and she quickly apologized. I told her, though, that I was not upset, but that I had thoroughly loved the burger that she had brought me. Her winning smile lit back up again and I left her the money for the burger and a tip before going on my way.

The point is, I guess, that if I had stayed to my regimented ways, I would not have been able to enjoy that wonderful burger. If fact, there are a lot of things that we would not be able to enjoy if we didn't a few serendipitous events into our lives. They may not be expected and they may not always be as pleasant as the burger was, but every time life throws us a curve, we have an opportunity to learn, to grow, to have fun, to appreciate, and even to taste something wonderful.

Bon appetite, world - take a bite out of life.



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