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An introduction

The Circuit Rider

March 23, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

Recently, I was at an event where we were required to wear nametags, Personally, I do not like to wear nametags; I figure that if you really want to know my name, you will come up and ask me and we can then engage in a conversation that will let you know who and what I am. Aside from this, though, I got to thinking of all the times that I was asked to introduce myself by saying my name and a little bit about myself. I must admit that each time I have to do this, I get slightly tongue-tied as to what to say. Yes, saying my name is easy enough, but then what else do I say? I have so many great things going on in my life that may or may not define me, but are certainly important to me that I never know where to begin or especially where to end.

Well, readers, I believe that I found the solution to all of our introduction nightmares. I have come up with a few words that should introduce us all and should tell all about us. Before I tell you what these seven little words are, however, I would like to let you know how important introductions are.

When I was in grade school, we were taught the fine art of shaking hands. This is something that I believe is extremely important and says a lot about the person that you are meeting with. When it comes to your personal brand, first impressions mean everything. At events and when meeting new contacts and clients or anybody really, part of that first impression is made when you are shaking hands. Avoid a handshake that is too hard or too soft as this will send the wrong signals to the person with whom you are meeting. Always go with a firm handshake while maintaining eye contact and do not dawdle in the handshake. It should only last a few seconds.

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Whenever you have the opportunity to introduce yourself, you should speak plainly and audibly, not too loud though, so that whomever you are talking to, is not having to bend nearer in order to hear you or being blasted out by your words.

Introducing yourself in such a way that tells people that you are confident in yourself and your talents will take you far in this world. We are a people that recognizes strength and gives it credit in whatever form it presents itself. Believe in yourself enough to make this point in any conversation and you will be the one getting the recognition.

So in order to tell you about those few, small words that everyone should be able to introduce themselves with, I would like to introduce myself to you now.

Hello, my name is Kay. Christie, and I am, "someone who cares and someone who matters." I am very glad to meet you.



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