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The robins are back

The Circuit Rider

March 16, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

You may have noticed, we have been having some very nice weather this week. It is as if everyone noticed at the same time and we all began to emerge from our cocoons and wander the earth again, enjoying the sunshine and the warm breezes. Along with all of us humans and quite a few dogs as well, roaming about the streets, I have witnessed another creature that is a sure sign that spring is in the air.

Our good friend the robin has lit upon the ground and is dancing about and enjoying the sun as much as we are. Along with our feathered friends, there have been other signs that the seasons are changing in our favor.

The crocus' are blooming and they are a colorful sight after the blahs of winter. We have been fortunate to be able to enjoy a very mild winter that has produced more rain than snow in some areas, but the cold gray of winter had definitely left its mark.

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The trees are beginning to show off those little nodules that will one become leaves and then fruit or nuts or pinecones, depending on the kind of tree that it is. Soon those limbs will be swaying in the breeze all cool and green and providing shade for us who will by then be complaining about the heat.

There are plenty of babies being born as well, baby bunnies, puppies, kitties and all sorts of farm animals. Spring is the time that tells us that God has faith in the future and so should we.

There is one more thing that has eluded to the fact that spring in near and that is the tell-tale blisters that we have on our hands. With all of this wonderful fresh air that we are enjoying, we have received a renewed sense of urgency to get things done. We want to clean our houses, plant our gardens, and even take more walks. The thing we must do, however, is just celebrate that we are given the grace to absorb another fine spring day. They don't last forever, and neither do we.

Hello little robin. It is so very nice to see you again.



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