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Coach commends NEH board on sharing decision

March 14, 2012
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the editor:

To the few Northeast Hamilton parents or community members that wish to blame our administration and school board for the recent reversal of sharing partners, I would like for you to consider a few facts.

First, it was South Hamilton's choice to present us with a contract/proposal that would be feasible neither financially or educationally. They knew exactly what we needed to make a partial-day sharing agreement work for us, and they chose to ignore those needs. Financially, we could have never survived on what they offered and would have been forced into a whole-grade sharing program, which meant no more high school at Northeast Hamilton. Academically, basic things that were originally offered were taken away. Our students would have had a very slim offering of upper level and college courses to choose from.

At public meetings, South Hamilton said they would be willing to offer certain athletic opportunities that we currently do not offer at NEH, but that was later changed to all or nothing, and all at South Hamilton. NEH parents, is this you want? No Trojan football, basketball or any other sport. South Hamilton is a very good school, but we were not looking for whole-grade sharing at this time, and in my opinion that is what they were trying to force us into.

The educational opportunities that our students will be offered at Webster City far outweigh any safety concerns we may have sending our children to a larger school. Everyone needs to remember that our kids will be transported to and from Blairsburg, will be spending three or four periods in the classroom, and will be supervised at all times. Personally, I am excited that my son will be able to have access to a wide variety of classes with excellent teachers and staff. He will also have the opportunity to make many new friends and be challenged by them in the classroom as well. I am confident that I have raised my son in a manner that if he is ever presented with a situation that involves questionable behavior, he will make the right choice. Do not judge Webster City schools by a few bad apples that made poor choices. You don't have to look real hard in Blairsburg at NEH, or Jewell at South Hamilton, for students that have made the same poor choices.

It amazes me that some of the parents that were against Webster City for these reasons, let their children hang out there on weekends with Webster City kids, but are afraid to let them be in a safe, supervised setting at the school. In my opinion, if you are concerned about the well-being of your child, you will keep them with the classmates they have known their whole lives. You will keep them participating as Trojans in school activities. By choosing Webster City we are giving Northeast Hamilton a chance to remain alive, which is what everyone wanted. I applaud our school board for making the change and giving our kids the best educational opportunity, and the best chance for NEH to maintain our high school.

John Seiser

NEH Class of 1985

NEH Head football coach Parent of three current and past Trojans



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