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Shocked at sharing partner vote

March 12, 2012
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the Editor:

As a parent of NEH students I was shocked at the switch in sharing partners. We all believed that the community was going to be listened to, instead in a closed vote we were voted against. I am sure I do not have all the details, however I am also sure that in one month of negotiations there was not time to fully work on all issues or differences. It also leaves me a little suspicious that this took place so swiftly after the open enrollment deadline of March 1. While the students directly affected by the sharing will have 45 days to open enroll, those students or siblings who are not directly affected at this time will not have "good cause" to open enroll, which can cause a family with multiple children in multiple grades some difficulties. This was not a transparent process as it was promised to be. It saddens me that NEH did not let its community in on the details to see what we wanted or were comfortable with.

This was supposed to be about community and what was best for the kids and they chose South Hamilton.

I hope people will not only talk to the NEH board and school but also the South Hamilton school and find out for themselves what the details were.

I feel sad for these students who have been yanked back and forth this entire year with constant uncertainty of where will we be? What will our situation look like next year? What classes will I be in?

It is very unfair to them. Just when they thought they had certainty it was taken away.

Amanda Clouse




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