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Fame and fortune

The Circuit Rider

March 9, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

I think that there is a little piece of all of us that wants to be rich and famous and to be adored by others. In fact, I remember telling a very good friend in college that I would be rich and famous by May of 2013, if not sooner. We have a running bet that in those 30 years my face would be well known and my bank account would be full. The bet was that whoever was richest and most well known would have to pay for the lunch that we were going to get together to enjoy, along with talking about old times and just catching up.

I am now facing a timeline of just over a year from that goal and admittedly, parts of me are a little worried. I must confess that I am not famous, at least not outside of my chosen communities, and my bank accounts are anything but full.

The thing about fame and fortune, however, is that it can be construed in several different ways. While monetarily I cannot boast a big bank account, I most assuredly count myself to be rich. I have an amazing family who loves and supports me with all their hearts. I have not one, not two, but three friends with which I can confide everything and be myself without being judged. I have many other friends on top of that. I am blessed to have not only one, but two careers running simultaneously, which earns me enough money to be able to pay my bills and enjoy a few comforts. I have people who respect me, appreciate me, love me, and want me around. As far as my writing goes, I am blessed to have fans all over the United States and even in a few foreign countries. I recently received a letter from a person that had been cutting out my articles and pictures out of the papers that I was writing for since 1994. I have been recognized both publically and privately for my work and dedication.

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It was well-known journalist and radio commentator, Paul Harvey, who once revealed the secret of his success to an interviewer. He stated that he got up every time he fell down. This is an important note to take, as success depends on our initiative.

It is said that a stone may sparkle, but that does not make it a diamond; people may have money, but that does not make them a success. Success, for certain, Is not for sissies. It is, though, for everyone who is able to get their gumption up and to get it. I have found my success and continue to be blessed in my life and I am extremely grateful to the one who blessed me with it.

Take a look at your life and be sure to be ready to answer those who would ask if you have achieved fame and fortune yet with a great, big YES.



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