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Bad mood busters

The Circuit Rider

March 2, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

While I endeavor to maintain a positive outlook on life in general, even I have bad mood days. You know, those days when nothing seems to go quite right and you walk around in some sort of funk, which out and out scares anyone who comes into eye contact with you. Unfortunately for my family and my co-workers, I had one of those days just a short time ago. I'm human just like you, so please do not judge me too harshly.

Knowing that these days will occur from time to time, no matter how upbeat and thankful you are, I have devised a scheme to thwart the efforts of the bad mood and I call them bad mood busters.

The world can be full of woe and the news seems to portray only ugliness, so it is up to us to surround ourselves with beauty. We Iowans are auspicious enough to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We are enveloped in rural heritage, art and blissful scenery everywhere we go. Every day there are sunrises and sunsets to appreciate. On top of all of this, I like to have pictures of lovely things in my home and in my workplace or anywhere where I am going to spend any kind of time. These pictures are of flowers and bees, family and friends, and even the occasional something cute that I cut out of a magazine.

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I am a great lover of books and getting away from it all in a good book can be wonderful, but not always productive during a busy day. My solution to this is to put up inspirational quotes and scriptures where I will be able to see them and can read them quickly to help motivate me through my day. Some of my favorites include: "When you stumble, make it part of the dance," "Whether you think can or you think you can't, you're right," "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened," "Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28," and "If God only used perfect people, nothing would ever get done." There are many others and I keep them close so that I can get that boost of positive thought whenever I need it.

Learn to appreciate what you have instead of wanting something else. We have all done it, we have seen someone get something that we really wanted or they have more money than we do or they have the perfect spouse and kids and we wish we could have their life. Well don't. First of all, nobody has the perfect spouse and kids and wishing for something that someone else has, is futile at best. Be happy with what you have, you have a lot. There are times, I will grant you that it does not seem so, but if you took inventory on your life and what you already have, I believe that you should be able to fill a large notebook with everything on your list. Everyone has something to be thankful for and when you start feeling thankful, you begin to feel blessed and when you can feel blessed, then nothing can ruin your day, not even a bad mood.

Feel free to use my bad mood busters any time you need to and be sure to form some of your own as well as they will mean even more to you. Life is too short to be in a bad mood, don't waste another minute being grumpy or sour. Enjoy the beauty around you and your heart will over flow with joy.



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