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Gaining control of the remote

The Mommy Chronicles

February 24, 2012
Anne Blankenship , The Daily Freeman Journal

I have to admit there might be something to the whole thought that retirement will be, as someone said, "Half as much work, twice as much husband." While Larry is not retired yet and won't be for a while, he has been home a bit more than usual this week with a stomach bug.

In fact, both he and Daniel were home with their own respective ailments. One took to the sofa with remote in hand, and the other was in bed with a separate remote - clicking away.

Without being uncaring, I have to say this really disrupted my orderly morning routine.My usual morning is to pack Larry off for the long drive to work in Des Moines, hustling Daniel out the door into the car and on to school, and then coming back home for a little housework and a few guilty pleasure TV shows - a judge show here and there, one of the few remaining soap operas and a cooking challenge.

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While I love my husband, his tastes in television are considerably different than mine and he shows no aversion to making fun of the shows I watch. He hates reality programs, but I don't look at "Chopped"?or "Food Network Challenge"?as reality shows. They're more like game shows.?Even worse than that is the fact that what he likes to watch is the Science Channel and the History Channel. He likes watching shows like "Through the Wormhole", which is about cutting edge physics, and "The Middle Ages" about the history of Europe. He calls it educational. After a marathon session of those programs, I call it boring.I'm sure the average person, if truth be told, enjoys watching a few of those guilty pleasure shows. Certainly the judge shows appear to many because there are so heavily ensconced in the TV?lineup.

On the other end of the spectrum, we've discovered that we can get lots of different British shows on Netflix and Hulu, so we have found some real gems. Our favorite so far is "Doc Martin." It's about a London surgeon who develops haemophobia (a fear of blood) and takes a job as a family doctor in a small fishing village. It's the usual fish out of water story (think "Northern Exposure" set in England) but the doctor is what makes the show worthwhile. He's rude, abrupt, and generally not a nice person. But the interaction between him and the rest of the townspeople and his occasional flash of humanity makes the show work. We devoured four seasons worth on Netflix and immediately went into withdrawal when we could find no more episodes. We'll have to wait for more episodes. In the meantime, I guess we'll have to flip a coin for control of the remote.



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