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Don’t be fooled about pipeline

February 15, 2012
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the editor:

Politicians are pushing for the Keystone Pipeline to be built across the middle of the U.S. from Canada to Texas. Big Oil is pushing the politicians with Big Money. We cannot let the corporations and politicians fool us with their lies and we should not buy into their shell game. Any oil that comes from that pipeline will have to be purchased through the world market like most of the oil we consume.

It will not make us less dependent on foreign oil. What they are proposing to transport in that pipeline is not oil. It is a black, dirty sludge known as tar sands oil and if there would be a breach of any sort while it is making it's way to Texas, it would contaminate everything in it's path and do great damage to our environment. Canada is not the U.S. so spills on U.S. soil would not be governed by EPA standards but by NAFTA. Keystone has had 14 leaks in their pipeline in Canada including a major spill. It can happen in the U.S., too. We must stop it before it begins.

The Texas Koch brothers with their billions of dollars are likely financing this operation. The pipeline will not provide hundreds of thousands of jobs are Speaker Boehner says. According to the State Department, it will provide less than 500 permanent jobs.

China controls shipping rights for the Atlantic and Pacific outlets of the Panama Canal and they are in the process of widening them so their oil tankers can get into our ports and receive this new source of oil from Canada. Why would we put Chinese interests above the interests of the American people?

President Obama has stopped it for now. But our greedy politicians can never get enough money so they will be back again to lie and misrepresent this project to move it forward.

Call your representatives and senators and tell them you will voice your opinions with your vote. Our environment is too important to leave it to the politicians.

Joanne Pohlman

Webster City



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