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Another birthday

The Circuit Rider

February 10, 2012
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

This Saturday marks my 47th year on this planet and it has occurred to me that I am getting dangerously close to becoming a 50-year-old. I'm not complaining, mind you, but it has gained my attention to the point that I feel that I must address it in print.

Actually, I must confess that I love birthdays. While most women will try and hide their age from you, I write about it in the newspaper. I do not believe that age is something to be despised or even feared, but revered and respected. Look at me, this is as old as I have ever been, I made it. We should celebrate this date, not just because we were born on it however many years back, but celebrate the fact that we have made it this far. We have gained this much experience and knowledge and we are that much more of a contributor to the world.

I have a young co-worker who is planning his twenty-first birthday in a week or so. He has ideas of partying and doing it legally and responsibly and that is just fine. I remember my twenty-first birthday as being a big disappointment because my husband would not buy me an alcoholic drink. I look back now and wonder why I wasn't just happy about the fact that I had reached a milestone and that from then on, my life would be different. Ah, if only we had the gift of hindsight before anything happened.

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I remember one birthday party when I was a kid where there was cake and ice cream and goodie bags and balloons and games and of course presents, but it must not have gone over too well, because I don't remember that it happened again. I did enjoy many birthdays with friends who slept over and then waking up to an amazing breakfast prepared by my mom. Those were the days. Simple and fun.

These days, I enjoy a day away with a friend, a few cards and well wishes and of course that phone call from my sister at 12:01 a.m. where she "sings" "Happy Birthday" to me. The joke's on her now, though, because I work nights and am up anyway. One other thing that I can count on is a funny card from my brother. Honestly, I don't know where he finds them all, but they always make me laugh and they always seem to fit the occasion.

However it happens, I will be celebrating another birthday this weekend and I will be thankful of all the blessings in my life that have made my life so full. Happy birthday to me.



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