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Oh, the joys of a winter cold

The Mommy Chronicles

February 10, 2012
Anne Blankenship , The Daily Freeman Journal

There is perhaps nothing quite as hated and despised in our household as the dreaded winter head cold.

I thought perhaps this year, with the warmer, milder winter months that we might slip past the clutches of that nasty cold bug.?And just when I thought I had made it successfully through the worst of the cold and flu season - bam - it got me.

I haven't strayed too far from my tissue box or my cough lozenges this week. My son and husband, who have escaped the mischievous bug, know how to find me in the house. They simply have to follow my trumpeting sneezes and trail of crumpled tissues.

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Daniel, the sweet lad that he is, has been very helpful, offering to take up some of simpler household tasks, giving me a chance to nap or take a hot bath. Larry has offered backrubs and made a run to store for orange juice.

Of course, being a female and having a cold, does not give you a free pass from those other important duties around the house - cooking, laundry, transporting people to and fro, cleaning the bathroom and other assorted jobs. I've also noted that there seems to be some disparity when it how the various members of our family handle illness. I love my two guys, but I have to admit (and I think they would agree), they can both be big babies when they are sick.

The worst part of having a cold or sinus infection, is the inability to breathe. Breathing is generally pretty important so it can cause some concern when that vital process is impeded. Lying in bed, with five pillows propped up behind me, it's quite difficult to find that comfortable spot that allows you to relax, breathe properly and fall asleep.?Sleeping in an upright position isn't fun.

Vicks Vapo-Rub is my new favorite cologne. I put a little dab under my nose and on my chest and throat, hoping the fumes will do their magic and somehow unclog my stuffy nose. While I don't mind those menthol vapors, it usually manages to send Toby and Buster - our two dogs - running for the hills. Buster usually starts sneezing and wheezing before he runs for the living room. Larry somehow manages to ignore the strong fumes. That's probably because he's so used to using a medicated muscle rub for aches and pains. That stinky stuff makes the Vapo-Rub seem like Channel No. 5.

So, with a little extra rest, a some high doses of Vitamin C and plenty of fluids, I'm finally feeling a little better as the weekend draws near. Hopefully, none of the rest of my family will have to suffer through the wheezes, sneezes, coughs, sputters, runny noses and scratchy throat. My husband has often reminded me that a never-ending sinus infection would be the perfect punishment for many criminals.

After this week, I think he may be on to something there.



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