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Budget is looming battle

Guest View

February 1, 2012
Rep. Stewart Iverson , The Daily Freeman Journal

The budget is already becoming the looming battle in the Iowa Legislature. Last year we said that we would not spend more than we take in and we did just that. Many of us are saying the same thing this year and I feel confident that we will adhere to that principle of only spending what we have.

The battle begins as we do have money in the "rainy day fund" and why shouldn't we spend it. After all, it is always an emergency. There are always more desires to spend than the available revenue. Spending the "rainy day fund" is like spending your savings account on your electric bill. The bills still come after the savings account runs dry.

We are also spending a lot of time on creating jobs. We first have to remember that government does not create jobs, the private sector does. Government can create an environment that will help create the jobs. One of the big issues is commercial property taxes, which in Iowa are among the highest in the country. We are looking at ways to lower commercial property taxes without adding additional burdens to residential or ag properties.

There are a number of suggestions regarding property taxes and I am confident the House will pass a bill dealing with this. I am not as confident the senate will do anything meaningful. As always, we all hear a lot of lip service and not much action.

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