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What a Centrist believes

January 23, 2012
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the Editor:

I've read, heard and seen what the Conservatives and Liberals - of both political parties - want to do to solve the problems we face. But there is little if any information about what those in the middle - the Centrists - want to accomplish.

I've read stories and have people say to me that those in the center believe in nothing. How wrong they are.

To begin with, to me Centrists believe in doing whatever it takes to get the job done whether that whatever is labeled conservative, liberal or someplace in between.

Some examples: If it means raising taxes on those making under a million, or at least keeping them where they are so we can rebuild the middle class, do it. If it means making it more expensive for large corporations to leave this country than to stay in it, do it. If it means that those most able must make some personal sacrifices to overcome our nearly insurmountable problems, just simply do it.

No more arguments, since arguing gridlock issues until Hades freezes over does not solve our problems. But setting aside all differences for the good of the majority, regardless of personal beliefs and rolling up our sleeves and sweating does.

Because unless the opposing factions of Team United States don't stop their incessant bickering and move towards the center, we the people will loose the biggest prize we've ever played for: our country itself.

Those are some of the things a Centrist - particularly this Centrist - believe in.

Leo Lanctot

Webster City



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