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NEH is worth fighting for

January 13, 2012
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the Editor:

Northeast Hamilton is a great school and is worth fighting for. I write this letter because I'm worried the school board is not listening. I'm afraid they're not listening to the community and more importantly, I'm afraid they're not listening to our students. Everyone had an opportunity to fill out a survey after the building tours and the results are an easy slide. I suggest you contact Northeast Hamilton and ask for a copy of the results yourself.

Our community expressed to our school board, at the first community meeting, how we wanted to keep Northeast Hamilton a school. The school board sat in front of our community and said they were listening. Our community is trying to stick together. Our community has made it very clear which school was best for their kids. Our students have made it very clear which school is the better fit for them. However, it seems the administration and the board may not see what the parents and the students see.

If Northeast Hamilton could stay how we are now, our course offerings would be and are suitable for our students now. Course offerings are not and should not be an issue here. The issue is where our kids feel more comfortable, plain and simple. The bonus that comes with the comfort in a school is there are more classes to choose from.

If the board decides to go against what the people are telling them (the community sticking together), then they will close our wonderful school down. That will be a sad day. When I say our school, I'm talking the whole school, not just the high school. I understand there will be students that open enroll with either school the board chooses. However, if the board doesn't listen to the community and the students, there is a big chance that parents won't only open enroll their high school students, but their middle school and elementary students too.

Please call the board members and explain why you like one school over the other. Don't assume the decision will go the way you think. Yes, it is a board decision but we elected those board members to speak for us so tell them your thoughts. Students and parents, please attend the next board meeting on Jan. 16.

Mindy Harris

Northeast Hamilton




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