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Crafting a new hobby

The Mommy Chronicles

January 13, 2012
Anne Blankenship , The Daily Freeman Journal

I suppose it maybe the short days and recent cold weather, but I've been thinking about starting a new hobby. I crave creativity this time of year, but don't always achieve it.

I envy people who are crafty and creative. I'm talking about those people who can turn an old green bean can into an elegant vase or a decorative candle holder. When I try those things, they look like old green bean cans.

I'm pretty good with basic knitting or crocheting, but when it comes to the whole shabby chic or recycled art side of things not so much. I do believe that those creative notions can be nurtured and developed with a little practice and little good luck. So, that's one of my resolutions this year to get more crafty.

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The past few weeks, I've been searching for ideas and hoping something would inspire me. The Internet has an infinite number of websites dedicated to coaxing along the creative juices. Many feature postings of what other like-minded crafters have created. Many have instructions and supply lists. But the problem is there are so many sites too many to sift through actually. I want to be creative, but I don't want to spend several years researching it.

Then this week, I happened on a website called Pinterest. I'd seen some of my Facebook friends refer to it but didn't really know what it was all about. I logged onto the site and discovered what everyone was talking about. What a great site. It allows me to "pin" cool ideas that I discover to my cyber "bulletin board" for future reference. And there are thousands and thousands of people who do the same thing. Not only can you "pin" things you find, you can also peruse all the ideas other people are "pinning."

So I found a couple of ideas I want to try soon. One involves button art and the other is clever little piece of jewelry that would make cute gifts. I wish I'd discovered this all before Christmas. But I guess now, I'll be full of ideas for next year.

I've also dusted off my knitting needles to work on a very serious project that can't wait. I have to make Buster, our lhasa apso, a sweater. These bitterly cold days are hard on the little guy. He was doing fine last week with the balmy temperatures. But then he had his shaggy hair trimmed down just when the warm weather plummeted into the deep freeze.

Now when I take him outside, he sort of looks up at me like, "Really? You want me to go out there?" And when he comes back inside, usually shivering, he gives me a "I blame you for this" look that makes me feel guilty about the recent grooming session.

So I've found a couple of balls of yarn and I even found a dog sweater pattern that doesn't look to hard or too goofy. I think this weekend, I'll curl up and be crafty for my old dog. He'll probably snuggle up beside me on the couch and watch me work the needles. He likes to stay close, especially when he's cold.

You know, the best part of being creative is making something for someone (or some pet) who will not only appreciate it, but will also know that it was a labor of love.



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