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Trash along the river disrupts nature’s beauty

January 11, 2012
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the Editor:

You know, for the past month, a group of friends have been walking the path along the Boone?River, watching the magnificent bald eagles, whether they be swooping down fishing or just sitting idle, perched in a tree. What an amazing site, and right here in our own backyard. I can sit in my office with the window cracked open and hear them screeching once in a while. Makes my heart smile to know they are so close.

Last week I took my son and we saw five of them within 15 minutes. Took some awesome pictures. Being excited at this, I wanted to show my other kids these beautiful birds so this past weekend, we walked the river banks and trails. I was so disheartened by the trash everywhere. What is wrong with people? Everything from kitchen faucets to old coffee makers, metal pieces, plastic bottles, etc. Looking at the beauty God has given us in these birds and their beautiful surroundings and then you look at all the trash. I'm ashamed. "Boone River Country" is nothing to tout about when it's littered by waste.

The river is low, the weather is nice. I encourage individuals and service groups to go out and pick up trash while we have the opportunity. Take an hour here or there, grab a garbage bag and go enjoy walking the river banks and our walking trails. What started as an eagle watching trip turned into a trash collection for my two kids and I. We had a great time as a family, despite the disgust of items we found.

4-H groups, Scouts, service groups, church groups, whomever ... even if you're just one person. It all has to start somewhere. You will make a difference. Time to step up Webster City.

Shelly Sjoberg

Webster City



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