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What’s your movie adventure?

The Mommy Chronicles

January 6, 2012
Anne Blankenship , The Daily Freeman Journal

I've always had eclectic tastes when it comes to movies. I like a wide range of genres and usually don't have any trouble finding an old classic to watch on television.

We have a subscription to a streaming movie service that we're able to access and download from our Wii game and play them directly on the TV. The service allows us to watch old TV shows, kids' programming, documentaries and movies.

When I can wrestle the remote out of Larry or Daniel's grip, I like to scan through the choices to see what might be fun to watch. I might take about 5 minutes to make my choice and I'm off on a movie adventure. Larry on the other hand, makes a viewing event our of scanning through the large library of shows and movies. I mean, sometimes, that's what we watch together as a family - Larry browsing the selections.

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Daniel's instant queue is filled with Disney TV programs or movies featuring the stars of Disney TV programs. He also has about 25 different Pokemon and other anime shows. He loves those programs but they usually drive Larry and I from the room.

One of his favorite things to do is to sample foreign language films. To his credit, he's found some pretty interesting programs. There was German language film based on "Snow White" which was very funny. Even without the subtitles, it was very easy to follow the very visual comedy and facial reactions. We all gave the film a big thumbs-up. Another fun movie was a Swedish film called "The Trollhunter." It was kind of "Blair Witch" with a touch of "Ghost Hunters" thrown in.

Of course, Larry's choices aren't always so great. There have been many we've started and stopped within five minutes of the opening credits. We have kind of a silent lip-curl that means, "Blech, this is a turkey."

Last weekend, we had a Chinese movie marathon. My two guys are great fans of martial arts movies me, not so much. Oh, I appreciate the skill and humor of Jackie Chan, but that's about all I can take. But I was pleasantly surprised by these films. The movies weren't the usual over-the-top martial arts films that I had pictured in my mind. They were very artfully done, full of beautiful cinematography, costumes and a true story line that was very easy to follow.

After the first movie, Larry was surprised when I asked to watch another. We found a sequel to the story we had watched and spent a very pleasant evening together. The story was about the martial arts master who was Bruce Lee's instructor. He lead a fascinating life and was by the accounts we watched, very we known and loved in his home country.

When I managed to get the remote, I directed the movie queue towards some classic horror films from the 1950s and 1960s. We watched "The Pit and the Pendulum," and "The Fall of the House of Usher," starring Vincent Price. Larry and I had a great time. But Daniel wasn't as impressed. He couldn't understand why we would want to watch something in black and white. I guess he's too young to realize how creepy those old films were back in the day before green screens, CGI and digital effects.

I kind of miss those days.



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