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Supports Ron Paul

December 30, 2011
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the Editor:

Now that Paul has climbed to first place in the polls here in Iowa, despite the complete lack of media attention, the establishment hacks are all screaming in one accord that Iowa doesn't matter all that much. Doesn't matter? So your vote doesn't count after all, we were just pretending it did. At least when it comes to a candidate who threatens to knock over the rotten apple cart in Washington.

Two out of three people who have won in Iowa have gone on to win the nomination. It is an important testing ground to see how well a candidate can organize and generate enough boots-on-the-ground enthusiasm to be a serious contender against the current regime. If all the other candidates are dead ducks, incapable of generating any kind of steam from within their own party, what chances have they got in the long run on the national stage? Very little if any, and polls have coincidentally shown that Paul fares best against Obama.

A NBC-Marist Survey, conducted between November 27-29, shows that Paul polls strongest against Obama, both tied with 42 percent. Newt and Romney would lose to the president. The survey shows that Paul has support outside the GOP, which any Republican will need to score a victory in November next year. Paul leads Obama 42 to 35 percent among independent voters, even siphoning off some democratic voters disenfranchised with Obama's false promises.

So much for these paid for pundits who claim a Paul victory would only hurt the GOP. The numbers tell us just the opposite, any vote for one of these Big Government, Obama-care authoring, Carbon Tax pushing, Banker Bailing out RINOS would be a vote for Obama.

Only Ron Paul can generate the kind of grassroots passionate support needed to beat the billion dollar man.

Brandon Smithson

Webster City



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