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The Circuit Rider

December 9, 2011
Kay. Christie , The Daily Freeman Journal

As many of you know, I became a grandmother six months ago. With young Mr. Jayden being a very active little lad, I am figuring that we will soon be hearing the pitter patter boom, boom, boom of little feet in our house. This fact got me thinking as I sat down to write this week's column. Our footsteps, no matter how large or small, no matter how soft of hard, create for us a journey of sorts. It all starts with the tiny, unstable steps like my grandson is taking now and takes us through life and all it has to offer.

Ever since he came in to the world, Jayden's feet have been moving and kicking and it is quite obvious that when he is able to stand, he will more than likely bypass walking and just start running right away. I see a lot of shoes in this kid's future.

Our time of childhood is a short path that seems to take forever while we are living it. We take our first steps and while we are a bit wobbly, we are supported by family and friends. Then we put shoes on and have to learn how to walk all over again. We take our first step up into the big, yellow bus that will lead us on the path of our education.

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At first, we experience the little steps of recess, then later on, the fast paced moved of athletics, then our footsteps take us up to a podium where someone hands us a diploma and tells us that the rest of our life is in front of us.

Our footsteps are moving quickly at this stage in our life and they have trouble slowing down sometimes for the holding of hands and the kissing of lips. Once they do, however, then those same footsteps lead us down an isle filled with flowers where we join another who is on the same journey as we are.

The stage in our footsteps of life seems to be a little mundane at times with a lot of back and forth action. We work, we play and we keep doing what needs to be done. They slow only slightly when we give birth to more little feet and start a family. They gain speed again as the family matures.

If we are fortunate and are given the opportunity, our footsteps take us to places on this earth that intrigue us and teach us things about the world and its inhabitants. We are happy in our travels and our footsteps dance a jig of joy.

In time, it is inevitable that our footsteps will slow once again until we are no longer walking on this planet and we are ascending a staircase to heaven. Our journey then complete and we can rest those weary feet that no longer step on anything but air.

Our journey, whether we skitter and scoot, stride and glide, or we discover grace in our frailty, is a compilation of footsteps that take a lifetime to accomplish. The first and last steps are said to be doozies, but every step is worth the taking. Enjoy your footsteps! I know that Jayden is looking forward to his.



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