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Giving thanks for pie

The Mommy Chronicles

November 25, 2011
Anne Blankenship , The Daily Freeman Journal

Thanksgiving is a holiday that most often is associated with family and food, and food, and well, food. I didn't cook this year, since it was just Dad and Larry and Daniel and I, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. We still managed to get a bit of turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes and the requisite pumpkin pie, so tradition was preserved.

Daniel wasn't really very concerned about the fact that we weren't having a big Thanksgiving feast, or at least he wasn't once I brought home the pumpkin pie and a can of whipped cream. Once that was established he didn't seem all that worried. I'm not sure which he was more concerned with, the pumpkin pie or the whipped cream. Daniel likes to have pie with his whipped cream rather than the other way around. He was pretty gracious, though. "It's okay Mom. I'm just going to be glad to have a day with you and Dad." After which he hugged me and went back to playing the Wii. He knows just the right things to say.

Larry wasn't bothered either. He's been hitting the gym lately, and so is much more conscious of what he's eating than he has been in the past. "You know, if you had cooked, there just would have been a bunch more food to gorge myself with, and I would have been eating turkey for lunch for two weeks, so I'm okay with that." This was only after he had also checked to make sure that I had brought home pumpkin pie.

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Dad was pretty blase about the whole thing as well. "Are we going to have pie?" was all he said.

I would mention what Toby and Buster said, but they mostly wagged their tails and looked hopefully at my plate, hoping that a piece of the pie I was eating might fall on the floor, where they would then be able to enjoy their very own Thanksgiving feast.

So we had our dinner and then made the usual phone calls to family and friends to see how they were doing.

Larry's sister Ruth was the ambitious one this year. She had her friends over who didn't have other family, so she spent all day Wednesday in the kitchen. Larry called her to wish her a happy Thanksgiving, and she sounded a bit frazzled. She didn't have pie, though, she had pumpkin cheesecake. Larry is thinking about disowning her.

Larry's other sister Peggy was going to the in-laws for Thanksgiving. I think she was thankful she didn't have to cook. No word on the pie situation.

So that's over with. I'm writing this column at my computer with a cup of coffee and a large piece of pumpkin pie at my desk. Although I'm thinking I might be more ambitious next year, and bring home two kinds of pie for Thanksgiving.



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