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Rumors of NEH closing untrue

November 14, 2011
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the editor:

It has been rumored that Northeast Hamilton school is closing, or will be soon. And to all who have been saying so or hearing this I declare emphatically, No this is not true! Yes we have been talking to neighboring school districts and are exploring all options for what can be done to keep Northeast Hamilton going, but that does not mean it will be closing soon. We still have a wonderful K-12 school with great teachers, students, parents, board and community that support and stand behind our school.

We encourage those who may have questions of what is going on or who have been considering moving into our district or open-enrolling to contact school administration or any of the board members through the school website. Or better yet, come visit our school and see for yourselves.

Our dropout rate is very low and the percentage of our graduates who continue on to college is very high. We have had successful years in sports and we take pride in our students and the quality of student we produce at NEH. We have a strong support system in our community and pride all across the board in our school.

Almost 10 years ago, my husband and I chose to first open-enroll our kids to NEH and we had people ask us why. Why-because we were impressed with the school, administration, teachers and even the students. We felt a part of the school family from the beginning and our kids excelled and were provided many opportunities both in sports and academics. Of our kids who have graduated from NEH, one just graduated from UNI and now has a job, one will be graduating from cosmetology school and working on getting a business degree, one is in Marine bootcamp and one has joined the Air Force. We have since moved into the NEH school district and are happy with our decision. There are others like us who have chosen NEH for one reason or another.

So those who are saying we are closing or that it is a done deal, please get your facts straight before passing on false information. And I want to commend the school board for being willing to listen and to do what is best for our students. Your job is not an easy one.

We are Northeast Hamilton school and proud of it.

Jory Rapp,

Proud mother

of NEH students,




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