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What happened to tradition?

October 3, 2011
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the editor:

My memories of Webster City Homecoming always included the parade, the football game and the halftime festivities. By eliminating the coronation activities you let down the expectations of the students and the community. Not everyone can attend the middle-of-the-week, evening coronation celebration. Some family members want to be there to show their support but are only able to go on Friday night. Also, by getting rid of the halftime show you're stealing the thunder of those who were nominated. When else can such a diverse group of students have the recognition that they earned and deserve than at that halftime show. What will be next? No football cheerleaders?

Is the football field at risk of damage by having the Homecoming court walk on it? No more so than the marching band, the coach or by the football players themselves. Is it really a lot of extra maintenance by having the court walk on the field?

Is having Homecoming halftime activities a distraction to the players? No more so than the band playing at halftime or by having the players' names constantly mentioned during the game itself.

Why are so few people so easily able to change tradition? Because they are bothered by Homecoming doesn't mean it should go away. It only means that they either have too much power and/or they should keep their thoughts to themselves.

The stands were packed Friday night. Not because it was expected to be a nailbiter or because the game was a huge rivalry. The stands were full because the fans were expecting Homecoming. I am sure that provides extra income for our community and I hope that will continue for years to come.

Shannon King




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